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Room Rental

Shaare Tefillah is pleased to offer our Social Hall for rent for your next Simcha.

View our Facilities Rental Policies and Procedures

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Please email us at to see if the date you would like to reserve is available.  

If it is, please return here to fill out our Room Rental Agreement, below.

Please note that a mashgiach is required if not provided by caterer

Each room rental MUST be accompanied by a $300 security deposit. 
The check will be deposited and returned to the renter after the event 
     if there is no damage to the room.
Please mail a check in the amount of $300 to:

Congregation Shaare Tefillah
510 Claremont Ave
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Payment Information for Full and Associate Members
After you submit this form, you will be taken to a payment page.  
You may either:
1- Pay the full amount now through PayPal
2- Make a partial payment with PayPal and bill the rest to your account (you may complete the payment later by check or your ShulCloud account)
3- Bill the whole charge to your account (and make payments according to the above schedule by check or your ShulCloud account)

Payment Information for Non-Members
Please mail a check for at least 50% of the rental price to the shul at least one week before the event.  The balance of the fee will be due after the event.


Agreement made this

by and between Congregation Shaare Tefillah of Teaneck, Inc., ("CST") and

("Renter") residing at:

  1. This agreement will not be considered binding until it is signed by the President of the Board of Directors and the non-refundable deposit has been received.
  2. All fees must be paid in full one (1) week prior to the event.
  3. The rental fee covers the use of the specified hall, kitchen, coatroom, and rest rooms.
  4. No food may be brought into CST except by an approved hashgacha to be determined by the Rabbi of CST.
  5. An approved mashgiach, to be determined by the Rabbi of CST, must be on the premises at all times. The payment of the mashgiach is solely the responsibility of the renter.
  6. No orchestra, band, recorded, or instrumental music is allowed on Shabbat or Yom Tov.
  7. No photography or videotaping is allowed in the building or on the grounds on Shabbat or Yom Tov.
  8. No activity or event that violates halacha (as determined by the Rabbi of CST) will be permitted.
  9. All activities of a religious nature, including but not limited to nusach hatefila or use of Sifrei Torah, must be approved in advance by the Rabbi of CST.
  10. Use and conditions of use of the sanctuary and the pulpit must be approved by the Rabbi of CST.
  11. The CST building and grounds are smoke-free.
  12. Cell phones and beepers are not allowed in the Sanctuary during Shabbat or Holiday services. Physicians and other professionals or individuals requiring access to phones and / or beepers for halachically accepted purposes should set their phones and beepers to the “vibrate” setting.
  13. Set-up times needed by florists, musicians, and other vendors both before and after Shabbat or Yom Tov must be coordinated by the CST office. Under no circumstances will workers be allowed in to CST premises until the conclusion of Shabbat or Yom Tov.
  14. The use of smoke machines, bubbles, bubble gum, silly string and all similar items during the event is strictly prohibited.
  15. All vendors must be approved by CST.
  16. The renter is responsible for leaving the facilities in a clean condition without damage of any nature. All garbage must be deposited in proper refuse receptacles or removed from the property. Any charges for repairs will be billed to the renter. Renter’s responsibility extends to Renter’s guests, the caterer, all vendors providing services and any other invitees of the Renter.
  17. If the Renter is a member of CST, this agreement will not be processed and will not be binding if the member’s account is in arrears.
  18. All vendors hired by the Renter or through the Renter’s caterer (e.g. photographer, entertainment company, florist, caterer or band) must provide CST with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing insurance coverage for Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance. A minimum of $2,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability insurance is required and CST must be included as “additional insured” on the liability portion of the certificate with respect to the event date.
  19. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CST from any claim or loss by reason of Renter’s use or misuse of CST property, or from any claim or loss by reason of any accident or damage to any person or property occurring on CST’s premises while the Renter uses said facility. Renter is responsible for providing appropriate supervision during the time the event is taking place.


Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784