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One of the first goals of the Inclusion Committee is to start a shadow program for children and young adults with special needs.  We have carefully researched other shadow programs in the area, and have come up with a model that we believe will best suit our needs.


The role of the shadow is critical.  Therefore, Shaare Tefillah will hire and train high school students to shadow individuals with special needs.  The training will be conducted by professionals in the field and by the parents and families of the individuals with special needs.  The high school students will learn as much as they can about the child from spending time in the child’s home and other surroundings.  The plan for each child in our program will vary, depending on each individual’s needs.  There may be 2-3 high school students trained for each child, so that if a shadow is away for Shabbat, there were will be others shadows available who know the child well.  There will be a trained adult supervising and available for questions or helpful tips during shul.


If you have a child or young adult who you feel may benefit from having a shadow in shul or in the youth groups, or if you have a high school student who is interested in being trained as a shadow, please contact Shira Schiowitz, Karen Orgen, or Michal Kahan



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