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Kashrut Policy

Catering events:  Any food event that will use the shul's kitchen must have a hired mashgiach who is present for the entire duration of time that the kitchen is open.  The kitchen will be locked for the rest of the day and only the mashgiach may open the door when he arrives and lock it when he leaves.  This includes the time of delivery of the food.  The mashgiach must be approved by the rabbi.  The job of the mashgiach is to check that all food entering the shul is properly certified as kosher (based on our standards, as defined by the rabbi), and that kosher standards are maintained within the shul. 

The mashgiach cannot be a relative of the hosts or a guest of the event.

"Drop Off" events: If the food is dropped off, no mashgiach is necessary if the kitchen will not be used (only the outside refrigerator and social hall sinks would be available).  The food that is delivered must be under the supervision of the RCBC, Chof-K, Star-K, OK, OU, or hashgacha specifically allowed by the rabbi.  The kosher labeling must be visible.  The rabbi and Mendy or Eli must be notified as to where the food will be coming from and what the supervision will be.  They must also be notified as to where and when the food delivery will be.

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