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Sisterhood Shavuot Food Sale

Shaare Tefillah Sisterhood is holding a Shavuot food sale, just in time to help you after all the cooking you've done lately. Check out the list and then scroll down to the bottom of the page for the order form to choose your item(s) from the "select options" dropdown menu.

After the items have been purchased, we will connect the buyer and the seller, and you can make your own pickup date and time. Please order by Monday, May 10.   

The kashrut of the food items sold/purchased is the responsibility of the individual making it.  All food will be prepared with gloves and masks and pick up will be contactless.

Sale items:

Adam Gussen: Challah Rolls, 1 dozen, parve and nut free - $15  
Adam Gussen: Challah (choose flavor/topping: plain, sesame, everything, poppy, caraway & salt),
   1 large challah, parve and nut free - $10 
Dina Klein: Challah, parve and nut free - $15 
Janet Lauer: Challah, 2 medium challot, parve and nut free - $15 
Yocheved Roer: Challah (choose flavor/topping: cinnamon sugar, garlic knot, zahtar, everything ),
   2 medium challot, parve and nut free - $15 
Shira Schiowitz: Challah, 2 challot, parve and nut free - $15  
Deena Elias: Spinach mushroom quiche, dairy and nut free - $20 
Rachel Secemski: Quiche (choose one: mushroom swiss/ tomato basil/ spinach feta) dairy and nut free
   - $20 
Elissa Siev: Blintz soufflé with blueberry sauce, 9x13 pan, dairy - $20 
Deena Lewin: Sancocho (chicken soup with Colombian veggies), 1 quart, nut free, gluten free, egg free
   - $20 
Gabi Secemski: Fried beef wontons, 2 dozen - $36 
Shmuel Unterberg: Brisket, 3.37 lb, nut free, gluten free, egg free - $75 
Ashley Klapper: Lotus cookie crunch cheesecake, dairy - $30 
Nurit Klayman: Frozen lemon fluff pie, parve - $20     
Aliza Lisker: S’mores bars, square tin, dairy and nut free - $18 
Janet Lauer: Sprinkle cookies, three dozen, parve and nut free - $18 
Vikki Minsk: Cheesecake, 8” pan, dairy and nut free - $20  
Miriam Rapaport-Hindin: Black magic chocolate cake, parve - $20  
Nava Siev: Lemon bars, 9 X 9 pan, parve - $15 

Please contact Deena Lewin,, or Rachaeli Bacharach,, with any questions.



Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyyar 5781