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Rabbi Schiowitz will sell chametz at scheduled times.  Please click below to download the form.  If you would like to sell your chametz earlier, please email Rabbi Schiowitz

Mechirat Chametz Form

Our annual Pre-Pesach Haagalas Keilim and Biur Chametz events will once again take place at the Ehrenfeld backyard at 537 Cumberland Ave. 

Haagalas Keilim will take place on Sunday evening April 2, 2017, 4:00 - 6:30 PM. 

Utensils MUST be clean. No food particles or other dried matter should be stuck on the utensil(s). 

Utensils should not be used for 24 hours before immersion. 

Which materials can be kashered by hagalah?

Utensils made from any type of metal, stone (not necessarily modern stoneware), wood, bone, leather, natural rubber, hard (smooth) plastic  may be koshered by hagalah.

Earthenware, china, porcelain, glassware and paper utensils cannot be kashered by haagalah.

Ashkenazim generally do not Kasher any glass products..

Any utensil which may get ruined during the haagalah process should not be kashered.

Please see the Rabbi if you have any questions or doubts with regards to this process. 

Biur Chametz will take place Monday morning, April10, 2017  Beginning at 9:00 AM until the latest Zman for possession. 

A bin will be set in front of the house (at 537 Cumberland Ave) on Sunday night for those who would like me to burn their chametz in the morning. Please recite the Kol Chamirah disclaimer at the zman.  

This year, we will only be accepting the pieces that are used for Bedikat Chametz.  Lulavim and Hoshanos are accepted.  

Loaves of bread and boxes of donuts, pasta and pizza, etc. will be re-directed. 

Some guidelines for burning.  Please wrap your bread crumbs in a PAPER bag or cardboard boxes (shoeboxes are GREAT) . They burn best.

Please do your best not to wrap chametz in aluminum foil as it does not burn effectively.  Also, please think twice before using plastic bags or containers as they may harm the  environment.

Please see the Rabbi if you need guidance as to what needs to be burned.

Wed, March 20 2019 13 Adar II 5779